Ports decongested as ‘Feria’ leaves south Luzon; death toll revised from 8 to 7

06/25/2009 | 03:15 PM MANILA, Philippines – With tropical storm “Feria” (Nangka) blowing further away from southern Luzon, several ports were finally unclogged Thursday as seagoing vessels were allowed to travel. In its report Thursday noon, the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) also clarified that the death toll from “Feria” was seven, and not eight. The NDCC report said that as of 4 a.m. Thursday, the number of stranded passengers went down to 1,884 from a high of 9,978. “Normal operation of trips bound for the island trips in Bicol ports resumed early morning (Thursday),” it said. Ferry operations at Looc and Dapdap port in Allen, Northern Samar are back to normal operations since Wednesday night, the NDCC added. On the other hand, NDCC said one of the fatalities, Vicente Layage, and another fatality who was not immediately identified “are one and the same.” The number of missing remained at eight, while the number of injured remained at five. Also, the NDCC said “Feria” had affected 11,463 families or 53,897 people in 172 villages in 15 provinces of southern Luzon, Bicol, Metro Manila, and Central, Eastern and Western Visayas. “Feria” also destroyed 320 houses and damaged 2,428 others, NDCC said. The NDCC said Del Pilar village in San Pascual town in Batangas continued to experience power failure. – GMANews.TV


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